Are Associations Innovation in a 2.0 World

Over at ALA L2, Michelle wonders if there are examples of associations innovating with 2.0 toold…if you have any examples, thoughts, or suggestions, comment here and I’ll make sure the folks working on that project get them!

I have been looking at various association web sites trying to learn how other associations are using 2.0 technologies. Well so far I have not seen a systematic approach to how assocations are utilizing 2.0 technologies. Instead it seems like associations (at least the ones that I have looked at) are only begining to dabble in 2.0. They do not have a real plan on what they want to do with it or how they are going to implement it in a larger scale across their assocation. While many have a blog or two, or an RSS feed or a wiki the implementation of the 2.0 technologies seems to be fairly timid. Does anyone have any examples they can share that would prove my initial observations incorrect? If so I would love to hear about it.