The Library is Human, Giving the Library a Face

Via Superpatron:

Marge Vallazza started working as a Circulation Clerk at the Antioch Library in January 2001. Before coming to work at the Antioch Library she had been a “superpatron” both when Antioch was the main library and after when it was a branch. A superpatron is library slang for someone who tarries at the library and checks out a lot of books—in other words, just the kind of patron the library wants. While a superpatron Marge teased the Antioch staff about coming to work for the library following retirement. And in 2001, she did just that. Since then Marge has worked three and half years at the Antioch Library and another two years at the Central Library. But before becoming a member of the staff at Johnson County Library, she had another past.

Highlighting staff on your library blog is another way to meet users on a human level.