So what about that Squidoo L2 Lens $$?

The Library 2.0 reading list for the ALA course has been popular! In fact, Jenny and I just received a note about it and what the monies generated from the lens have been used for!

Hi Jenny Levine & Michael Stephens:

This is John Wood, founder of Room to Read. Seth and Megan at Squidoo said I could introduce your monthly payment report with a bit of great news. Thanks to contributed royalties from thousands of lensmasters, Room to Read has built a library for children in Cambodia. We hope to help these kids break the cycle of poverty through the lifelong gift of education. You can see our pictures of the library here: Congratulations on a job well done, and thank you for your help.

–John Wood,

We at Squidoo are thrilled to report that more than 60% of our lensmasters are sending their royalties to charity. Wow. That’s thousands of dollars every month to places like The American Heart Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Room to Read–with real world results. So while your lenses probably aren’t cash cows yet, and while you’re probably not much closer to buying that red Porsche, your earnings can make a big difference when pooled together for a good cause. (If you want to swap your royalty stream over to charity, just edit your Payment Options in the workshop of each lens).

Below you’ll find your earnings report for 04/01/2006 to 04/30/2006.

The SquidTeam: Seth, Megan, Corey, Heath and Gil

JENNY LEVINE &’s MICHAEL STEPHENS’ STATEMENT (From 04/01/2006 to 04/30/2006)

You have earned $0.08 total.

$0.08 has been donated in your name to Squidoo Charity Fund.

Hey! .08 is .08 toward building a library!