The Full Set of Our Librarian Trading Cards

Jenny & Steven have already mentioned this but I just have to chime in and comment on how wonderful it is to take this online thing and make it a physical extension as well: putting a face on the library.

Folks, any library can do this! Think of the possibilities for outreach to your community of users! Collect them all!

Rock On Gould Library!

UPDATE from Iris: Thanks Michael. 🙂

One note of clarification: these cards have been around since before the “online thing.” Every year since 2002 the librarians here have designed new cards as replacements for business cards because the students just weren’t interested in business cards (and who can blame them?). They started out as baseball-like cards and got their anime theme the year before last. Still no word on what they’ll be next year. 🙂

The full set will be there as a poster at ALA!