OCLC Newsletter

OCLC Newsletter

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I was really happy to be asked to contribute to the new OCLC NextSpace on Web 2.0. Take a look. The folks who contributed blow me away with their ideas and insights. Don’t miss Dr. Wendy Schultz’s take on Library 4.0:

But Library 4.0 will add a new mode, knowledge spa: meditation, relaxation, immersion in a luxury of ideas and thought. In companies, this may take the form of retreat space for thought leaders, considered an investment in innovation; in public libraries, the luxurious details will require private partners as sponsors providing the sensory treats. Library 4.0 revives the old image of a country house library, and renovates it: from a retreat, a sanctuary, a pampered experience with information—subtle thoughts, fine words, exquisite brandy, smooth coffee, aromatic cigar, smell of leather, rustle of pages—to the dream economy’s library, the LIBRARY: a WiFREE space, a retreat from technohustle, with comfortable chairs, quiet, good light, coffee and single malt. You know, the library.
I’ll meet you there.

Take me to the Knowledge spa!