“A Culture of No”

Take a look at this thoughtful post at a Blog About Libraries:


Do you work within the “Culture of No”? If you are a leader, do you foster a “Culture of Maybe?” Continuing to wonder why it was that all libraries in the country have not started IM reference led me to start looking at organizational cultures. I came across some interesting stuff that I am certain applies to many libraries.

Every innovator in libraries has probably dealt with “NO”, or “Death by a thousand cuts”. There is a subtle difference between the two, the former being (obviously) an absolute refutation of one’s ideas, whereas the latter reaction is to peck away an idea for so long that the innovator just throws up their hands and goes away.

“And goes away….”

Do you have endless meetings with little results? Do your projects take months if not years to complete? Are you sending your innovators running out the door to other libraries and library-related jobs? Or are your innovators silently suffering in quiet desperation? Next time you are about to say no, dear librarian, examine the reasons closely.