Videocasting at Delft PL

Delft Public Library

Jaap van de Geer, Delft Public Library ( and blogger at reports on his library’s work with videocasting. A recent trip to Ireland/Dublin/Trinity College for a music festival was not only a great experience but an opportunity to create some videocasts for the library Web site at, see the bottom right of the page. He reported via email: “We also organized an amazing summercamp. That video is also online (no dutch, pure expressions), the response of the kids and their parents was heartwarming. I think videocasting is a tool we should use much much more to appeal to our customers.”

I agree. I call this category here at TTW “Content (is Conversation) because of the shift in content creation we’re seeing right now. Libraries can tap into this trend and create some wonderful, and yes heartwarming, connections with users. Thanks Jaap!

Some Flickr pics of Jaap and the Festival: