OCLC Symposium: “Who’s Watching Your Space?”

View from Our Room at PLA 2/04


Alane posts about the upcoming Blogger’s Salon and OCLC Symposium at ALA Midwinter in Seattle:

It’s back!! We will be hosting a Blog Salon at ALA Midwinter in Seattle. It will be on Friday, January 19th at the Sheraton Hotel in the “Blue Suite.” Should we start it earlyish, say 5:30pm, so people can go for dinner afterwards? Or should we start it at 7, so people can go for dinner first?

If you’ve attended a Salon before you will recall that the suite number in the hotel is unknown to us until we all arrive in Seattle in January. We will tell you here what the room number is then, and the hotel front desk will also know. So, if you’re coming to ALA MW, and you are a blogger, or a blogger wannabe, or know a blogger, leave us an RSVP here at It’s All Good so we know how many cocktail sausages to order!

The second event I want you to know about is the OCLC Symposium. It will be on Friday, January 19th also, 1:30pm-4:30pm. I am not sure yet exactly where it will be held but will post that here when I do. We don’t have all our panelists lined up yet, but we have some people and I am very pleased by who has agreed to come and speak.

But first, the topic! The title is “Who’s Watching Your Space?” and our speakers are going to talk about social media and social networking, what these are, the history of social networking, how they have changed and might change society, and more specifically, what a culture of participation means for libraries and other public institutions.

I am honored that OCLC asked me to moderate the symposium and I may just faint dead away to meet Danah Boyd and Howard Rheingold. If you are attending MW, don’t miss this event. See you there!

(And don’t miss a chance to visit my favorite American city!)