Michael Habib’s Masters Thesis: Academic Library 2.0

We never had ANYTHING like this when I got my MLS! Michael Habib’s Masters Thesis is available for download at http://etd.ils.unc.edu/dspace/handle/1901/356

Comments are welcome at his post: http://mchabib.blogspot.com/2006/11/toward-academic-library-20-development_22.html

While academic libraries have always been places of reading, Academic Library 2.0 is a place of both reading and writing. However the process always recognized patrons would write their ideas down and that they would eventually reenter libraries as part of the scholarly and historical record. Furthermore, librarians have always trusted that the majority of their users strive to distinguish that which is good and true. This is the foundation of the principles of democracy, academic scholarship, and intellectual freedom. However, Academic Library 2.0 demands a more explicit trust in the majority. Librarians must continue to trust that most readers are curious, intelligent and compassionate. The only difference is that the evidence of these attributes will be created and stored on our servers immediately and without editorial control. An example can be used to explain why this trust must be more explicit in Library 2.0.