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File Under Law 2.0

Last night in my LIS701 class, I presented Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and we had some discussion. A couple of folks mentioned a recent newspaper piece about “blawgs.” I asked for the link and Lauren and Michael followed through! Thanks! http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/chi-0611070249nov07,0,7074178.story?coll=chi-business-hed The marketing potential, whether explicit or not, of law-related blogs–or “blawgs” as some attorneys have come to call their online journals–is raising some tricky ethical questions for the profession, which regulates lawyer advertising. Those issues have come to the forefront in recent months, after ethics monitors in Kentucky found lawyer-written blogs to be advertising and subjected them to increased […]

The Shifted Librarian on those Pesky Cell Phones

As usual, Jenny Levine has a way with words. I heart this comment she left on this post at TTW: While I am often the first one to get upset about folks talking loudly on their cell phones, I have just as big a problem with parents who let their screaming children scream. So I don’t understand how libraries can single out cell phones, especially when I can sit quietly in the corner and text folks without bothering anyone. If you’re going to ban cell phones because of the noise potential, then you’d better also ban kids, computers, reference staff […]

On the Social, Living Library of the 21st Century

“Society has determined what the library of the past has been, and it is society that will determine what the library of the future shall be.” Jesse Shera, The Foundations of Education for Librarianship, 1972. Wiley-Becker and Hayes, p 135. During the Q&A at the Student Symposium last week at the University of Arizona, Jana Bradley, the director of the program, shared this quote from Jesse Shera. It really falls in line with my thinking about libraries as social spaces online and in physical space. For more about Shera: http://wiki.case.edu/Jesse_Hauk_Shera http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Shera

My Dissertation Chair Blogs: Hypothesis Non Fingo

Dr. O’Connor, my dissertation chair and professor at UNT, and I have had some cool talks about blogs (of course), flickr and tags over the lst couple of years. I was pleased to see he has launched a blog called “Hypotheses non fingo” where you’ll find discussions of visual representations, photocutionary acts, and ultra high resolution images. http://memestate.typepad.com/hypothesis_non_fingo/ I did have to look up what the title means! “Hypotheses non fingo” : “I feign no hypotheses” — Isaac Newton

TTW Mailbox: Using Google Co-op in Ohio

Joel Husenits, Managing Editor at the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN), writes: The Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) is using Google Co-op to power a search engine that searches all 251 Ohio public library websites. You can check it out at www.oplin.org/fal (we folded it into our existing “Find an Ohio Library” site). We thought other states and/or library systems might be interested in examples of localized custom search tools. Thanks Joel. I did some sample searches, including the above for “blogs.” Seems fluid and friendly. Nice! Have other libraries adopted this technology?