Mii on a Wii?

It's Mii!


I met Timothy Grieg virtually (via Flickr!) when I gave a presentation in New Zealand in October vis the Web. Today, Stephen Abram let me know that Timothy had transformed Abram, Jenny Levine and I into “Miis.” I have so much to learn about the Wii and Mii… Timothy writes:

One of the most exciting things for me about the Wii and it’s Mii characters is the ability to leave your Wii on and connected to the internet, even while it’s powered on. You can set your Miis to “Mingle” and they’ll wander off and visit your friend’s consoles!

This means that Michael Stephens, for example, may stop by to hang out at my friend Kezz’s Wii, and, if Kezz likes Michael (the Mii version, that is) he may choose to copy him to his own Mii collection. The Miis that you have in your collection then appear in the background, or as participants, in some Wii games. Of course, it makes all the difference in some of the Wii games where you have to pick Mii out of a crowd to be looking for familiar faces you created yourself!

So could Wii users send their Miis to a library Wii and have them mingle?