Experiences in Second Life: What if everything behind you was forgotten?

Check out this post about an exhibit in Second Life from The Alzheimer Society of Ontario, in partnership with the Second Life Library 2.0:


Some of the most powerfully delivered experiences in Second Life are delivered simply. Although the brand builds of recent months are impressive, very few communicate.

The temptation is to overwhelm our senses with the surroundings, demanding our pre-frontal lobes create the “being there” experience. Because we can do anything here, the temptation is to do it. Second Life presents opportunities to experience an issue – not just a space.

Our brains are wired for simulation – that is what our pre-frontal lobes are for. Virtual social worlds like Second Life lend to captivating the brain completely and engaging the emotions through that “being there” reaction.

I am fascinated to see more simulation, experience and engagement in Second Life. Next spring, Follet Chair Ed Valauskas is teaching a seminar on “Virtual Worlds” that will include SL. I’m eager to see how library schools can embrace SL for library education.