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January 8 & 9, 2006. The Hyperlinked Library. Staff Institutes, Hennepin County Library System, Minnetonka, Minnesota. January 12, 2007. Library 2.0: Planning, People & Participation. Columbia College Chicago Library, Chicago, Illinois. January 19, 2007. “Who’s Watching YOUR Space?” Moderator. OCLC Symposium with danah boyd, Howard Rheingold & Marc Smith, ALA […]

Upcoming Presentations

A lot of folks have been looking back at 2006. I realized today what a year it’s been: more library and librarian blogs, RSS gains even more ground, Wikis rule the school (and ALA), IM is embedded directly in pages where our users may find themselves, YouTube offers a way […]

What a Year! 2006 in Posts, Presentations, Permutations, and … ...

Don’t miss: http://cinematech.blogspot.com/2006/12/ten-pivotal-events-of-2006-from.html The Cinematech blog posts “Ten Pivotal Events of 2006, from the Intersection of Entertainment and Technology,” that’s chock full of insight and trends. Pay attention to the section labeled “The Future.” 6. Web sites including iTunes, Amazon, Vongo, and Guba offer full-length downloadable features, joining CinemaNow and […]

Attention AV Librarians!

Don’t miss: http://silversprite.wordpress.com/2006/12/23/nintendo-wii-first-impressions/ John Kirriemuir ponders the Wii, and addresses library inplications and some library gaming innovators: Because of the inspiring and thought-provoking nature of the games and gameplay, it’s an absolute must-get for any decent games research centre or group. If, in a few months time, an academic games […]

Great Post about the Wii