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Learning 2.0: Don’t Miss this FREE Opportunity!

Via AL Direct! http://www.sirsidynixinstitute.com/seminar_page.php?sid=74 This is so HOT my Mac is smoking! As the Nationwide insurance commercials taunt “life comes at you fast”, it’s time for librarians to jump into the knowledge pool of Web 2.0 technologies and discover how these tools are changing the way many library users communicate, collaborate and receive information. Helene Blowers, Technology Director for the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County shares insights and best practices around the creation of Learning 2.0, an online self-discovery program designed to encourage staff to explore new technologies (blogs, wikis, podcasts etc.) and reward them for “play.” Join […]

You 2.0

Don’t miss Brian Kenney’s new editorial at School Library Journal: Back when many of us signed up for this librarian gig, we were told that “keeping up” was a vital part of the job. That meant reading publications like SLJ, knowing what was being published in your field, tracking database content, while keeping abreast of your users’ world, whether that was elementary education or pharmacology. Now it’s all changed. We still need to read our professional publications (in some format or other) and keep current with our users’ lives. But we also need to be active participants in the new […]

More Wheels in the Library! (or Librarian Transport of the Future)

Sean Robinson sends this photo to TTW. Lynn, the new General Reference librarian at the recently-renovated Allen County Public Library tests out her new Segway at the construction site. Sean reports: “It is her personal Segway and she is traveling to work on it. Since we are bringing up the new library and moving material to the new location Lynn has been using the Segway to go back and forth from the old location which is just down the street to the new location. She said that it goes about 12 mph.” Sean talked tothe director about this and showed […]

Libraries, Netflix & BookSwim

http://www.bookswim.com/temp_index.php Jeff up in TC alerts me to this post at http://rossnotes.com/archives/2007/01/02/how-i-would-run-a-library-system/ How I Would Run a Library System: In a word: Netflix. The queue system is a perfect fit for books, maybe even a better fit than it is for movies. People will pay money for this service(perhaps not $20 a month). Removing unpopular books from shelves isn’t such a bad idea, but keep them somewhere, available for circulation. Stick a URL on the inside cover of every book that goes to an online discussion board for that book. Either after check-in or a week after check-out, email the […]