That Pesky Group Project

Here’s my updated group project assignment for LIS753 this semester. Which team would you like to be on? 🙂

LIS753 Internet Fundamentals and Design
Team Projects
Web Technologies – Creating a Service

For this assignment, the class becomes the library emerging technology group. The group is looking at newer technologies and enhancing the library’s online presence. Sub-teams are formed to present prototype projects, research and plans for implementation.

The class will be divided into groups. Each team will build a resource for librarians or libraries with their assigned tools. Each team will create a web presence/resource that offers information or enhances a service for librarians or library users. Feel free to use creative approaches to your content delivery as well as Internet links, visuals, etc.

Each team will present a short overview of their project planning steps, their research (complete with a printed bibliography), some thoughts on implementing the service and then demo the service/site to the group. The team becomes the experts for each tool.

Written summaries of each person’s contribution will be due before the presentation.

Team Projects:

Create some type of interactive reference service using Instant Messaging (use any and all clients you would like). Create promotional materials, a Web page and anything else to show us how it will work.

Build an information resource wiki for librarians or library users (use pbwiki or the wiki of your choice). Use the wiki to create the sample pages and demonstrate how the software works to the group.

Build a library or librarian’s blog, with all the bells and whistles you can to promote a service or materials (use Blogger, WordPress or the blog app of your choice). Outline the plan for launching the blog and discuss how content will be created.

Use a web RSS aggregator site to build a carefully selected auto-updating resource for librarians (use NetVibes, SuprGlu or the aggregator of your choice). Demonstrate the resources in class and discuss how it will be promoted to the staff.

Create a presence for the library via a free Flickr account, imcluding images, a profile, tags, small sets of images, etc. Demonstrate how other librarians will be able to add to the account, create sets and tag images. Use Flickr toys to wow the group!