Ohhh…sweet technolust…

Driving back to Illinois this week I caught up on my Mac podcasts, including one of my favorites Mac Break Weekly. The podcast included loads of news about Apple’s new product the iPhone, and I realized that my personal technolust will surely get the better of me. I want this phone!

That said, I wonder how many geeked out folks will doing just what I did:

T-Mobile Rep: “T-Mobile Customer Support, how can I help you?”

Me: “Yes please, when does my contract expire with T-Mobile?”

T-Mobile Rep: “August 2008.”

Me: (Ouch) “And how much is the fee to break contract?”

T-Mobile Rep: “$200.”

Me: (Ouch) “Good to know…”

T-Mobile Rep: “May I ask why you are asking about the contract?”

Me: “I want an iPhone!”

T-Mobile Rep: “Well, T-Mobile has a wide selection of phones that will play music…”

Me: “..But those phones aren’t the iPhone…thanks for your time!”

T-Mobile Rep: “Have a good day.”

I will, especially when cradling the sleek lines and smooth surface…. sigh..

Anyway, Aaron discusses how libraries will have another menace to stop at the front door (humor, folks) and I wonder if library technology departments or emerging tech groups might want to get in line for one, to understand what it means for service, access and the possible impact on the way the world communicates. Seems most logical to me — and fun!

Finally, David Pogues gives us some FAQs:http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/01/11/the-ultimate-iphone-frequently-asked-questions/