Daily Archives: January 16, 2007

The taxi will be waiting for me at 6am tomorrow (uhhh) for an 8am flight to my favorite American city. I’m looking forward to seeing library friends and colleagues and the OCLC Social Software symposium. If you are attending (last I heard over 300 are signed up), please say HI! […]

See You in Seattle

This fascinates me. The Church of the Customer blog points out “The Not So Secret Shopper” who visited a Kohl’s Department store and found a mess. Cameraphone in hand, he documented the condition of the retail establisjment and blogged about it. http://heehawmarketing.typepad.com/hee_haw_marketing/2007/01/hurricane_kohs_.html The folks at Church of the Customer state: […]

A Big Mess at Kohl’s (or Corporations, Customers and the ...