Daily Archives: January 24, 2007

Timothy Grieg presents a short session on MMOs and Digital Libraries in one of his MLIS classes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timothygreigdotcom/sets/72157594497271106/ “MMODLs, Traditional Digital Libraries, what can they both learn from Massively Multiplayer Online Games, World of Warcraft in particular. A short (5 minutes, with 10 minutes of discussion) presentation I gave in […]

Flickr Presentation: MMOs & Digital Libraries

Via The Blog about Libraries: http://www.mailtribune.com/archive/2007/0123/local/stories/guest_library_column.htm Does my heart good. Except – the libraries where the author works ARE CLOSING! Read more here: http://www.selco.info/blog/2007/01/10-reasons-for-public-libraries-and.html (Thanks Multitype Librarian!) 8. Libraries provide a neutral community gathering place for the free exchange of ideas, culture, and entertainment. Libraries promote a sense of belonging […]

10 Reasons You Need Your Public Library (Updated)