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Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Service

Library 2.0: A Guide to Participatory Service Originally uploaded by mstephens7. Library 2.0 A Guide to Participatory Library Service By Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk Two of the first and most original thinkers on Library 2.0 introduce the essential concepts and offer ways to improve service to better meet the changing needs of 21st century library users. Describing a service model of constant and purposeful change, evaluation and updating of library services, and user participation, the book both outlines the theoretical underpinnings of Library 2.0 and provides practical advice on how to get there. From incorporating technology to reaching “the […]

Upcoming Presentations

February 22, 2007. The Hyperlinked Library. Boston Public Library Staff Institute, Boston, Massachusetts. February 22, 2007. Library 2.0. Simmons GSLIS, Librarty 2.0. Boston, Massachusetts. March 1 & 2, 2007. Blogs & RSS Building Community & Library 2.0 with Jenny Levine. Nassau County Library System, Uniondale, New York. March 23, 2007. Library 2.0: Planning, People & Participation. Workshop for Capital Area Library Directors. Williamsburg, Virginia. April 12, 2007. Library 2.0 with Jenny Levine. Texas Library Association. San Antonio, Texas. April 26, 2007. Southwest Florida Library Network Technology Day April 27, 2007. Charleston Public Library Staff Day May 3, 2007. Massachusetts Library […]

IM Office Hours – No Class Tonight

IM Office Hours – No Class Tonight Originally uploaded by mstephens7. Physical, real time class is cancelled because it is NASTY here in Chicago but the class can still meet with me via IM and work on the Collection Development module online at Blackboard. To everyone in the path of the winter storm..stay safe and warm!

“I didn’t get an MLS to do THAT”

http://blogaboutlibraries.com/2007/02/i-didnt-get-mls-to-do-that.html Steve at Blog About Libraries presents and excellent answer to that question I get a lot at presentations: “What about about all of the stuff we’ve always done and continue to do? How can we possibly add anything new?”: Professions do not stand still. We don’t have a choice. The jobs we signed up for may not exist anymore. Please go read his explanations of each. I couldn’t agree more. thanks Steve!

New Librarians

Let me point you to John Berry’s blog at Library Journal: http://blatant.libraryjournal.com/blog/?p=17 Jobless Jitters NEWLIB-L should be required reading for library administrators, library school faculty and deans, and any librarian who has settled into that mid- and late-career comfort zone. It is the discussion list for librarians with brand new Master’s degrees in the library and information professions operated by Susan Scheiber, Assistant Director at the RAND Corporation (but she’s no Herman Kahn). Some posters and subscribers are employed and some are not. Recent threads, like those called “unemployed” and “toxic first jobs” and others, display a growing bitterness at […]