More from Illinois: Social Networking Website Prohibition Act in LJ

While the Democrat-controlled Illinois General Assembly may not be too receptive to new social networking legislation proposed by freshman Republican Senator Matt Murphy, the bill may be the first in several state attempts to achieve the goals of the federal Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA), which passed the House of Representatives but failed in the Senate. The Social Networking Website Prohibition Act would require public libraries to prohibit access to social networking web sites, including MySpace and many less controversial, on all publicly accessible computers, including those used by adults, and also would prohibit access by students in schools.

“I’m thinking this is going to be very similar to filtering legislation,” Robert Doyle, executive director of the Illinois Library Association (ILA), told LJ. “We’ve won 11 times, but there has been no reluctance to reintroduce bills.” Judith Krug, director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, told LJ that, among members of the Media Coalitio, an anticensorship group, “the consensus is that social networking legislation is going to be the next thing down the pike.”

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