NetFlix & Brooklyn PL

Via the Hacking NetFlix Blog:

In an interview with The Post, Vitali said the library has also reached out to Netflix to serve as a provider of DVDs and videos. “What we want to do is work with Netflix and really get that inventory together, really use Netflix as the delivery mechanism,” Vitali said.
“We’re getting some good vibrations back. Nothing formal has been settled. What’s really exciting is – it’s my understanding – really the first of its kind, a model for that kind of corporate partnership.”

Watch how this deal plays out closely. If it goes through, it could mean public libraries all over might get access to Netflix’s inventory of 75,000 DVDs. Then any library could cater to the long tail of interests of its users while still maintaining a locol collection. Add to this a “you never know it could happen” deal for streaming content ala iTunes or some other provider and the AV Department starts to look very different yes?

What about BookSwim? Has any library been in talks with them?