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TTW is Four Years Old Today!

Wowza but time flies! Thanks to all the folks who read and comment — and inspire me! Here’s then old OLD version: http://www.tametheweb.com/iblog/B143020931/ The very first TTW post: http://www.tametheweb.com/iblog/B143020931/C1179432239/E961783833/index.html And I’m still hung up on blogging! Check out my post at TechSource about the Biblioblogosphere and points of unity!

Introducing the Michaels

By Michael Casey & Michael Stephens What prevents a library from being transparent? Barriers. Roadblocks. Inability to change. The culture of perfect. The transparent library contains three key elements: open communication, adapting to change, and scanning the horizon. We’ll explore these ideas and offer solutions for those struggling with new models of service, technology, and a decidedly opaque climate. The web has changed the old landscape of top-down decisions. “As the web becomes the greatest word-of-mouth amplifier in history, consumers learn to trust peers more and companies less,” said Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail. “And as the same […]