$.50 per 15min for Internet access 5

Read the fine print. I am really wondering what has prompted this library to offer access for .50 for 15 minutes with no CD, USB or “Excel, Adobe…” etc.

Follow the other links as well.

Can someone fill me in? I’ll be using this in class when we discuss access and “library as place.”

5 thoughts on “$.50 per 15min for Internet access

  • Jamie

    They are not be PCs… because they are … Macs?
    Who knows.
    Perhaps this is a PC set aside for those who would spend the day playing solitaire on the Internet… and then REAL PCs are set aside for folks who are trying to do some research.

  • Jim

    This is just an appalling sign. I took a look around the library website http://www.columbuslibrary.info/index.htm and read some of their board minutes and this seems like a tough place to work. I couldn’t find a Collection Development Policy, nor any mention of the Library Bill of Rights. I guess its naive of me to think that this is something that every library would have on their website in this day and age.

  • LibrarySarah

    In the 1990’s, my local library (Healdsburg) charged 25 cents for 30 minutes of computer use. I haven’t been back lately, but I don’t think they charge anymore.

  • Nathan Eady

    Jamie: From the other photo, it looks like a thin client setup, so that would explain “these are not PCs”, although that’s not how I would have phrased it. From the penned-in note on the sign, one supposes that the terminal server is running on inadequate hardware or driving more clients than it was really specced for, which is not unusual in a low-cashflow environment.

    What I find most odd is that this kind of scrimp-and-save approach would be combined with what looks like a fairly new and reasonably nice LCD. If they were really that strapped for cash, one would expect an eight-year-old fourteen-inch CRT, or something. Our oldest system still in service is vintage circa 1998, and we aren’t anywhere near strapped enough for cash to start charging for internet access. (We do have time limits, though, and no removable drives on the internet stations. The latter may be changing this year, but the time limits will have to stay for the forseeable future, at least until our next building project comes along and gives us some more physical space to work with for adding more stations.)

    And yeah, some parts of the sign could certainly be phrased in a more upbeat fashion even without changing the information it conveys. Although, depending on your user base, couching cautionary information in upbeat wording might just annoy people.

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