David Warlick & Will Richardson Explore Second Life



I visited again this morning, and am sure that there are buildings there that weren’t there yesterday — big ones. I must admit a real sense of space there, and I’ve already made some friends, most of whom I have no idea who they are in RL (that’s real life). I did meet one guy (I guess) who admitted to being a principal in Vermont. He wouldn’t share his name, however, for fear of my thinking that all principals in Vermont have nothing better to do than wonder around, zombie like, in Second Life.


Anyway, as I was flying around, looking for the paramecium, I ran across this, a virtual memorial to the victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre. It was quiet. Three other avatars were there. Lots of flowers and pictures of many of the victims on the wall.

There was also a pedistal, with nothing on it, entitled, “The Stolen Flame!”



So I mentioned recently that I’ve been spending some time in Second Life, and with some great help from Kevin Jarrett, I’ve now actually got my own “office” space with a view on EduIsland II. If you click on the picture, you’ll see that last night as I was decorating with the help of “Clare Lane” when lo and behold, in walked some guy named “Suriwang Dapto” who looked strangely familiar. Glasses…beard…lookin’ like a 70s holdover…WAIT! It’s David Warlick! Seems he’s setting up an office right next door!