On Writing the Dissertation (Michael is Unplugging)


Good Morning! I didn’t realize how hard it would be to write this little post.

After the successful defense of my proposal, I am taking a few weeks off to focus exclusively on writing the last two chapters of my dissertation. I want to defend it in June before the cutoff date for August graduation. This is a lofty goal — a handful of weeks. My data is collected and ready for ananylysis. The demographics and stats are done. My next step is a content analysis of over 1600 replies to the “Why do you blog?” survey!

I need to turn in a defendable copy of my dissertation by early June! I have the support and encouragment of my chair, Dr. Brian O’Connor, and my committee as well as my graduate assistant Brian Want(who rocks). They and my trusted colleagues all advised me to take a step back from other duties and responsibilities. Classes end this week. I will be on the road a bit, writing in my hotel room and in airports! But my energies will be focused mainly on the writing. So with that, I am pulling back from TTW. I’ll be back after June 4th and look forward to more blogging as I finish the PhD process and graduate and move into Assistant Professorship (wow just typing that gives me the tingles… can it be that close?)

BUT..I’ve arranged for some guest authors to provide some content in the coming weeks. I look forward to their writing and promoting their voices via this venue.

See you soon! Wish me luck!