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Living Out Loud

By Michael Casey & Michael Stephens You’re “out there” whether you want to be or not. In the March 2007 Wired cover article, “The Naked CEO,” Clive Thompson illustrates that corporate blunders, missteps, and outright lies are exposed every day. One of our favorite examples is Diebold insisting that its voting machines are safe and secure while YouTube hosts a video of how to crack its security. It’s similar to a child standing in front of you and saying he has not eaten a candy bar when you can see chocolate all over his face. We can understand lies from […]

Intelligent Screens Full of Data

Hello. My name is Kate Marek, and Michael has offered me the opportunity to contribute a guest entry here at TTW. What a privilege! I work with Michael on the faculty at Dominican University's GSLIS, where we both work with many other talented faculty members as well as lots of wonderful students. In keeping with Michael's tradition in TTW, I'd like to use my posting opportunity to call your attention to a fascinating new technology that has just been unveiled. A couple of days ago Microsoft announced its new "Microsoft Surface" technology. The demo video shown on the Popular Mechanics […]