Marketing Social Software to the Public: Your Success Stories

Greetings from the ultra-cool Traverse Area District Library, where I am embedded on the second floor working on my second installment of Library Technology Reports. This issue is a followup to last year’s Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software. This year it’s “Web 2.0 & Libraries, Part 2: Trends and Technologies, and I’m working on pulling it all together so it is as current as it can possibly be.

My request? Please share your success stories and not so successful stories about marketing social software to the public. When Karen Schneider reviewed part one last year she noted that might be a good inclusion for a future issue. So, what have you done to market your 2.0 goodness to your users? Please share here and if I use your stuff, I’ll be sure to cite you! 🙂

You can also email me at mstephens7 (at)