New Mexico State Library Staff Can’t Access Flickr, etc.

I’ve been working on a post about South Carolina’s State Library site for TechSource and just caught this at Dr. Curtis Rogers’ blog:

I recently found out that staff members at the NM State Library do not have access to Flickr, YouTube, and other social softwares/web based technologies that Libraries are using in the 2.0 world to promote their services, offer IM/Chat reference services, and more. This is a big mistake! If the state library can’t access these tools then how are they supposed to do a good job of helping the libraries in the state? This makes no sense to me. Get with the program NM!

I’d hope folks are making plans down in NM to open access for the staff of the state library to sites like YouTube and Flickr. Maybe they are planning a Learning 2.0 program. You gotta love a catalog called SALSA though! 🙂

This makes me wonder, are there other state libraries that are blocked from participating with blogs, IM, Flickr, Twitter, etc?