Eliminating Food Regulations

McMaster Library is getting rid of the their rules about food in the library:


I’m pleased to say we’ve made a significant change to our “no food” policy. This is excerpted from an announcement from our AUL for Teaching, Learning and Research:

Beginning September 4, we will no longer be prohibiting the consumption of food in public spaces – with the exception of Research Collections and the Map Collection.

We’ve come to this decision for a variety of reasons:
a) to create a more inviting space for our users
b) to reflect common practice at a growing number of academic libraries in Canada and the United States.

We recognize that this change will have a significant impact on the amount of garbage in our spaces. To that end, we’ve negotiated with Physical Plant to add another full eight hours a day of cleaning service between the 3 buildings throughout the academic year. Additional custodial shift will be scheduled in the late evening and will focus on garbage removal. We’ve also ordered some additional garbage containers and begun discussions regarding increased carpet cleaning throughout the academic year.

Note: No “no” signs! *grin*