Addy Will Know: Be in a Music Video!

Jessica writes to TTW:

Hello, I’m a student at the Library School at UNC-Chapel Hill and a reader of Tame the Web. SNMNMNM, a indie-pop band based here in Chapel Hill, has a new album coming out, “Crawl Inside Your Head,” and the first single, “Addy Will Know,” is all about a librarian. The great thing is that it’s not about a librarian being a stereotype or even a love interest…it’s all about a librarian serving an information need. They are launching a “reference stumper” type contest to win a copy of the new CD, and are issuing a call for video clips from librarians everywhere, wanting to incorporate real librarians into the music video they’re making.

This is the wiki they’ve made, where you can listen to the song and get more info:

And here is the official message from the band: “Hey Everyone. We are just weeks away from the release of “Crawl Inside Your head.” If I haven’t told you about “Addy Will Know” then please take a second and check out the wiki

Please pass this on to everyone…yes, everyone. We are launching a new contest that is open to librarians and college students who are studying to be a librarians. Just go to the “contest wiki” at the address below after Midnight (EST) tonight, and you can win a new copy of SNMNMNM’s Crawl Inside Your Head.

Thanks for the note Jessica! I’m checking out the wiki now and forwarding this on to the Dominican GSLIS student organization. There is coolness on so many levels here – from the seamless use of a wiki to the request for involvement of folks in the profession. Thanks for this.