Ranganathan’s Laws Revisted 1

Last night, I introduced my LIS701 class to Ranganathan’s Laws. Remember this from last semester: https://tametheweb.com/2007/01/would_you_rewrite_ranganathans.html

Here’s what last night’s group came up with:

Group Redux
Rewrite the laws? YEP!
1: Materials are for use and not just in library
2: Every user his or her material
3: Materials are for all
4: Save the time of the user
5: The library is an evolving organism (catering to the needs of the community)

We had some pretty darn cool discussion about the nature of information, documents and the digital divide.

One thought on “Ranganathan’s Laws Revisted

  • Liz Lawley

    Oh, I like this rewriting better than the more recent one. 🙂 I think the use of “materials” rather than “information” better reflects the spirit of the original rules.

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