Wyoming Libraries: Mud Flap Girl


Wyoming’s libraries are as expansive as the state, and as close as down the street.

Libraries offer more than many people realize, and we want to reach out beyond our regular users to let people know this. The new statewide marketing campaign is designed to increase understanding, use and support of Wyoming libraries.

The campaign theme is “Bringing the World to Wyoming.” When you see an Eiffel Tower topped with a western windmill or a pickup with a Trojan Horse trailer, you’ll know that libraries have brought the world to Wyoming – and the people in this state have been changed by the experience.

The Wyoming State Library and a team of Wyoming library public relations specialists have been planning this campaign for months. In the first brainstorming sessions, we shared our favorite personal library stories. In every one of them, we realized how exciting it was to find that one particular item – a story, a piece of information we needed – at our library. Every story included an element of surprise, a “WOW!” That “WOW!” factor is what we want people to take away from this campaign. We want them to realize: “There is something for me at the library, and I can grow, explore and wonder.”

Mud Flap Girl is certainly a striking image. 🙂