“A continuing quest for technological improvement

I want to share some discussion from Wednesday night’s LIS768 Class. Here’s the task I gave the groups:

Michael Buckland writes in the introduction to Redesigning Library Services: “Libraries exist for the benefit of the mind, but they have serious practical problems coping with the acquisition, storage and handling of the documents and records with which they deal. Major constraints arise from the technology used as a means for providing service. Any change in technology that would have a significant effect on the methods available for acquisition, storage, delivery, or searching procedures could have important consequences for library service. Consequently a continuing quest for technological improvement has been and should continue to be important.”

Each group should discuss the assigned recent technology and describe its impact on acquisition, storage, delivery and searching, pulling in Buckland’s other chapters and course readings so far. What are the affordances? Consequences? Be ready to present your ideas to the class.

1. Wifi technology


2. Amazon & eBay convergence

3. The iPod & iPhone

4. The rise of Google

5. Citizen journalism and blogs


I’ll add more links as the groups post to their blogs. It was a great class discussion.