Trust & Talking It To Death

From Wearing Scarves Year Round: (emphasis mine)

Yesterday, I walked into the brick wall that was the realization that many of the projects I want to work on at the Northern-most library I might not get to work on. It’s frustrating because I thought I would be able to get a lot of things off the ground and I got excited and invested in that, and then it turned out that the library’s promises of being interested in making themselves more 2.0 and integrating social networking services into their world was not on the level. They do seem to want to do those things, but they don’t trust me to guide them, and that’s the worst part, because that’s obviously the major reason they hired me. Right now, we’re working up to a committee, and I hate committees but that doesn’t mean they can’t still help us get things done. If it takes three months for everyone to talk to death the idea of a blog but then we still get a blog, that’s ok. We get the blog! I’m just afraid there will be lots of talking, and then lots of backing down.

Oh Scarves! I wish you the best with your frustrations and the potentially endless meetings. I advocate for short timelines and a social tools project timeline that not only charts your path to implementation but includes reasoning for using the tools – tied to the mission and vision of your institution.

Ponder this: what’s the best tool to start with? I always suggest a library blog, blogging team of authors and comments open. Your situation may be different, possibly some other tool and some other use.

Please keep blogging and let us know how it goes.