Another Way to Find Out What Story Your Library is Telling

working from library today – walk through downtown and the sound of commerce ringing clear
Back in the stinking library.
Listening to a preschool story group reciting “Diddle Diddle Dumpling My Son John” with a teddy bear at the library.
Library has ALL of the Thin Man movies! Thin Man Marathon! (with cocktails!)
“The library isn’t good for books” Wow. Gwan UCC!
off to the library to get some intense work done before dreamweaver/CSS class this evening (mix in some Game database work on the side pls)
Research at the UM Map library on consumer water usage in Israel and Palestine
sitting in the library missing my lesbians.
sorry thelonedrifter, the library sucks
@addisontodd that’s ’cause you’re illiterate… not the library’s problem
Headding to the library
Technically, you’re not supposed to use the reference computers for MySpace, but maybe if you to add the library’s page to your f-list …
Library is packed with noisy beings, other languages and exposed underwear.
in a library that’s not mine, leeching wifi and writing