Please Bring Your Heart With You 1

Via David Warlick:

I especially liked it when he said, “you want your employees to bring their hearts with them to their jobs.”

I think that this is especially important with teaching and learning. There is so much about teaching and learning that is about communication. And it seems to me that when communication has heart behind it, then it becomes especially sticky.

Do you bring your heart to work? I honestly believe the best libraries will be those that have heart, creating environments, services and collections that encourage users’ hearts and bring us together. For example, I am drawn to library blogs where the heart of the authors pull me in — with their own stories, thoughts about books, movies, etc, and that oh so important human connection.

I’m reminded of Lee LeBlanc’s mention of “Love is the Killer App:”

One thought on “Please Bring Your Heart With You

  • Simon Chamberlain

    Michael, some great posts today that I’ve tagged to explore in greater depth later.

    One thing I’ve always struggled to grok is this concept of ‘encouraging the heart’ – I’ve seen you use it a lot and it doesn’t quite resonate with me (whereas I’ve found your presentations that focused on how to implement specific technologies really useful). I suspect the fault is that I prefer concrete to abstract ideas; can you expand on what you mean by encouraging the heart? (I’m an academic reference librarian if that helps…).

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