High Tech Hotel: Mac as Media Hub

Hotel Macs

Anne Beaumont, Digital Systems Research Analyst, Office of eStrategy & Innovation
at the State Library of Victoria, Australia wrote to share this link:


Every room in this UK hotel includes a Mac as media hub: Web, Music, DVD, etc. Nice!

However, read the comments for the other side of the story: I stayed in the City Inn a few weeks ago and thought it was great but was underwhelmed by the Mac. Internet access via the Mac was charged for and the menu interface is akin to that of a mobile phone. Similar sequences of menus to navigate through except displayed on a big screen. The Mac remote only has the option of menu scrolling, so you can’t even enter a channel number, very tedious. The visual potential of the Mac has been ignored in favour of over-simplfication.
However, it’s a good idea that will hopefully develop further..