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Arrival Originally uploaded by mstephens7 What a great reception in Florida! 🙂 Thanks to the Florida Council of State University Libraries/College Center for Library Automation (CCLA) Executive Board/Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) Board for inviting me to keynote their meeting. The discussion and questions that followed were wonderful! The presentation is available here: http://www.tametheweb.com/talks07/HyperlinkedCCLAFGCU.pdf

Casual Conversations

I’m honored to be taking part in this ongoing series. Get a load of the roster for 2008! The archives for conversationalists Aaron Schmidt and Meredith Farkas is here: http://www.opal-online.org/archivelis.htm The Casual Conversations series is designed to be up-close and personal from a respectable online distance. While there are many conferences (in-person, online, and in-world) where librarians can hear leaders in the field make formal presentations about interesting projects, there are few opportunities to hear these same leaders discuss informally what they currently are working on, their future plans and goals, the challenges and opportunities facing librarianship, their personal pet […]

Students 2.0

Via Hey Jude: http://heyjude.wordpress.com/2007/12/08/students-20-fantastic-initiative/ This will be an initiative to watch: Administered, designed, edited, and written by a global mix of students of varying ages, interests, voices, and points of view, Students 2.0 will feature content written by both staff writers and guest contributors. From Hawaii and Washington, from St. Louis and Chicago, from Vermont, New York, Scotland, Korea, and other points on the globe, these writings will be united in one central aspect: quality student writing, full-voiced and engaging, about education. The moment for a student-centered edublogosphere has come. The staff at Students 2.0 invite their adult partners in […]