Almost done with the semester!

Almost done with the semester!

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Leah the Library Student posts a nice photo and update that she is almost done with the semester. And she links to a post about her survey concerning the perceptions of librarians:

And still, the best answers can even come from librarians themselves:

“Stuffy and boring, book-centric out-of-touch old lady with applique sweaters of teddy bears holding balloons. Sadly, I know this isn’t true, nonetheless it is the first thing that comes to mind. Mainly due to the root of the word “libr,” meaning book, and the oh so many Nancy Pearl connotations of a “shusher,” yet the term has come to not encapuslate the demands of the position. Viva la revolution.“

And checkout this picture she includes of the Information Commons at the University of Kentucky’s library:

Information Commons

There are so many good things going on here – wowza.

Happy end of the semester to Leah, all the Dominican University GSLIS students, faculty and staff, the Crown Library librarians, and library students and faculty everywhere!