Tech Tips for Every Librarian 5

A big Thank You to the folks at Information Today for granting permission to me to reprint the articles I wrote as part of the “Tech Tips for Every Librarian” department, that Rachel Singer Gordon and I took turns writing in 2006 and 2007 for Computers in Libraries magazine. I enjoyed every one I wrote but was often sad that the immediacy of blogging and the opportunity to comment were lost because it was print-based.

After 90 days, the rights to the content reverted to me. In preparing the new version of TTW, I wanted to make sure it was cool to post them as blog posts. It was! Though a tad dated, I still like the idea of giving readers the chance to suggest additions or improvement to each little article via comments.

Thanks to Rachel for being my ultra-cool writing partner. And thanks to our incredible editor Kathy Dempsey, who guided Rachel and I through two years of articles – and watch for Rachel and Jessamyn West to continue the “Tech Tips” tradition in 2008!

Here they are:

January 2006: Welcome to our World

February 2006 : How and Why to Try a Blog for Staff Communication

April 2006: FASTER IM: Virtual Reference on the Cheap

May 2006: Ten Tips for Technology Training

October 2006: Getting Started with Flickr

February 2007: Putting Wikis Into Play

April 2007: Creating a Librarian’s Info-Portal with NetVibes & RSS

September 2007: Embedding a Librarian in your Web Site using meebo