Chronicle: Facebook Apps at University Libraries

Jeffrey R. Young notes the libraries offering Facebook apps:

So far the application does not seem to be listed in Facebook’s official directory. But a quick search of Facebook’s other applications shows that more than a dozen other academic libraries have created their own search tools for the social-networking platform. The University of Notre Dame has one, for instance, as does Elmhurst College, Pace University, and Ryerson University. JSTOR, the popular, nonprofit digital archive of scholarly publications, also offers a Facebook application.

One thing I discovered when I invited Wired Campus readers to join my Facebook friend group is that librarians are some of the most enthusiastic nonstudent users of social networks. But can Facebook, known as a place for socializing, become part of the research process as well?

Great question from Young. In my mind the answer is a resounding yes. We have evidence already of savvy academic librarians using Facebook to engage students. Checkout out what one of my favorite academic librarian bloggers has to say about Facebook at The Ubiquitous Librarian.

A big shout out to Dominican GSLIS students Kyle Jones for developing the app for Elmhurst College, where Kyle works. And of course, as a disclaimer, Kyle is now a TTW Contributor. 🙂