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Saying No to PLA recording

Saying NO to PLA recording Originally uploaded by mstephens7 I’d say YES to a podcast in a second! Aren’t some of the other divisions offering podcasts of talks for free on their blogs and web sites? David Lee King’s keynote is available for FREE at LITA: http://litablog.org/2007/10/06/david-lee-king-keynote-podcast-lita-forum-2007/ It would be wonderful if we could podcast our talk and put it up that day for everyone!

Rheingold’s Video Blog

Don’t miss the first entry at Howard Rheingold’s new video blog. http://vlog.rheingold.com/index.php/site/video/a-reslice-of-life-online-part-one-introduction/ Rheingold updates via multimedia an article he wrote 20 years ago about participation in virtual communities. I used Rheingold’s work as part of the theory base for LIS768: Library 2.0 and Social Networking. I’ll be using this video to introduce the course this semester for sure.