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Oh My! How those LIS Jobs are a-changing!

Some synchronicity: http://librariansmatter.com/blog/2008/01/15/emerging-technologies-specialist/ Kathryn Greenhill notes her new job title: Emerging Technologies Specialist — Actually, the contract says “Librarian – Emerging Technologies” – but we’re still sorting that bit out… I’m still at Murdoch University and based in the library. The position is funded 50% by the library and 50% by central IT, and covers more than just the library. (snip) I report to the chair of the Learning Technologies Steering Group . The LTSG is a University Committee that looks at existing systems like WebCt and Turnitin, but is also the group where Web2.0 types of technologies are examined […]

Link Hotness

Greetings! I’m embedded at the Panera Bread at the corner of State Street and Congress Parkway in downtown Chicago, waiting for my first class of the semester to begin. LIS701: Introduction to Library and Information Science will be Wednesday nights inside the Harold Washington Library Center of the Chicago Public Library. I am really looking forward to starting with a new group of MLIS students. While embedded, I’m updating my course Web sites with some wonderful recent links. I thought I’d share them here as well for any TTW readers who might be designing their own courses, enhancing a Learning […]

64310 imprints, 67 clicks and 15 fans

64310 imprints, 67 clicks and 15 fans Originally uploaded by K.Jane Via Flickr, KJane reports on a Facebook ad she did for her library: ‘d like to think that paying 10$ for 64310 imprints is a pretty good deal. The ad was used only to let our undergraduates know that we had a presence on Facebook. We welcomed them to 2008, we wished them a great semester, and we suggested they become a fan. It would have been nice if we had gotten more fans out of it but still, I am pleased. I like the idea that I can […]

The Transparent Library: Coping with Anonymity

Picture this: your library has launched a visionary long-range reorganization plan that sparks an anonymous, critical blog from staff members. Or your library appears in an anonymous YouTube or Flickr extravaganza that targets your authoritarian signage, unfriendly staff, and dirty public restrooms. Or your soon-to-be-launched web revamp is reviewed on an employee’s personal blog before the library goes public. Hypothetical? No. Such events, which have occurred at various libraries, can make for difficult and stressful times. Are they entirely negative? Can transparency and anonymity coexist? Is it better to turn a blind eye to the conversation playing out online? Read […]

John Berry on the Future

Excelent piece from John Berry at LJ. He mentions that he teaches at Dominican (!) and sums up very well what I’ve also observed in library school and in our realm here: http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6515838.html  Like those who came before them, the current cadre of librarians bring new tools for the job ahead, technologies that make access to information much easier but just as corruptible. They bring that vitality and spirit that, in themselves, are enough to force change and even shape its outcome. At first, those in power will hang on, as they did decades ago. Ultimately, if we remember the […]

Hello Iowa!

Hello Iowa! Originally uploaded by mstephens7 This morning I’m opening the The Small Libraries Institute Online Conference in Iowa. A big greeting to all of the virtual attendees. I have my tea and I’m still in my comfy clothes – what a great way to do a talk. http://www.swilsa.lib.ia.us/isloc/schedule.htm