Social Networks, from the 80s to the 00s

Brian McConnell writes:

As Facebook enjoys its moment in the sun, we should take a moment to step back and look at the history of computers and social communication. Some historical perspective is in order, both to assess the real value of social networks as businesses, and to anticipate how they are likely to evolve in the future. 

Take a look for a concise timeline of social networks through the years. This is perfect for my social networking class as well as the Internet Fundamentals class I just started this weekend,

His final thoughts about the future of social networks and tools are thought-provoking, including:

If I had to pick a category to start a company in, I’d pick authoring tools. There’s real long-term value there, as people tend to pick a publishing tool and stick with it — and they’ll more for higher-end tools. If I were Facebook, I’d be thinking about how to participate in this trend — in other words, deal with change before it deals with you.