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Emerging Technologies in Education

I’m attending a meeting this afternoon on campus as part of a discussion of emerging technologies and teaching. A few of us were given ten minutes to talk about what emerging technologies we use in our classes. I’ll be highlighting blogs and RSS (and a few other social technologies) for my segment. I’ll be using this post for the brief “show and tell.” Blogs in the Classroom: In 2004, Merriam Webster online announced the most-searched word of the year was blog and noted that one of the most talked about online innovations of Web 2.0 was the use of blog […]

“Hammer the Rental Stores”

I’ve been mulling the announcement of Apple Movie Rentals for my Apple TV. Macs and iPod the last few days. This morning, via Twitter, John Blyberg points to a piece by Seth Godin: ¬†http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2008/01/how-much-for-di.html Godin writes: No, I don’t think Free is always the answer, but I do think the studios are about to make a mistake of RIAA proportions. I’d charge fifty cents for an online rental. It would immediately hammer the rental stores (which is fine with Hollywood) and DVD replicators (also fine with Hollywood) but would instantly teach people a new habit. Then, once the new habit […]