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Via Karen Schneider on Twitter comes this link to a job description at San Jose State University:

The Associate Dean for Digital Futures, Information Technology and Technical Services will provide leadership for the development of San José State University Library’s digital initiatives & the utilization of emerging technologies to better serve students and faculty.

The Associate Dean may be in charge of the Library in the Dean’s absence and work as a member of the Dean’s Senior Management Team. The Associate Dean will exhibit leadership, solid management skills, effectiveness in resource management, and the ability to build partnerships within the University, throughout the California State University system and with the community.

A little farther down are the requirements of the position:

Critical Success Factors
The successful candidate will have:

• Vision for the library of the future
• Ability to lead change
• Demonstrated effectiveness in planning and assessing technology-based projects
• Demonstrated effectiveness in organizational leadership within a highly participatory team-based
workplace environment
• Awareness of and sensitivity to the educational goals of a diverse population
• Excellent presentation skills
• Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills
• Successful experience in administering budget allocations
• Academic library experience is preferred

I agree with Karen: it’s a neat job. I also see the list of skills as a roadmap, a justification and a set of standards for LIS education.Planning, and not just technology planning, is important as is leadership in a participatory environment. Also, presentation skills and the holy trinity or oral, written and interpersonal skills. That’s why I urge my students to practice their writing, to take every opportunity they can to speak in class and give presentations, and to be mindful of how they interact with each other, with faculty and with their future colleagues.

Now, how do I make the dreaded group project a useful experience?

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  • Carol Perryman

    It really does look like a neat job – but something’s missing, to my eyes. Where’s the idea of research in all this? With all that, it sounds very like a job ad for a forward-thinking corporate CEO.

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