5 thoughts on “Signage

  • Stephen Abram

    This one is a hoot! Especially since the letters are already messed with! The sign is the equivalent of the “kick me’ sign that’s a grade school classic.

    If they really cared why not just get a proper stand with a cover? Or buy a simple piece of thick plexi or clear vinyl. That would run about 10 bucks.

    Thanks for posting these signs. I think it makes a difference and folks think twice now about whether they’re worth it, projecting the right image or positive. I was in one library recently that had a sign disallowing people to assemble in groups. It was old, addressed a problem that no longer exists, and staff had become blind to it. I think it’ll be gone soon.


  • Julia

    Hmmm, I’m in an adjacent county if it’s GA. I’m tempted. And when someone tried to stop me, I’d even shush them. Instead of (I’m assuming) “work” session, it could easily say “pork” session.

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