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Singapore Flickr:

Singapore Flickr 2:

These Things are Opportunities:

Google’s Share:

Laying the Foundation

“Social Machines” – Continuous Computing:

What is Web 2.0?:


2.0 Memes:’

Library 2.0:

OCLC Perceptions:

OCLC Sharing:

Pew report on Wikipedia:

Starbucks memo leaked:

Evolve, Let Go of Control, Be Visible:

PageFlakes: Dublin:

Mud Flap Girl:


Laptop Librarians:

LOC at Flickr:

Ask for What You Want:

ACU Connected Campus:

Borders Concept Store:

Go Digital:

The Library Evolves

Uncommon Commons:

Tapping into a Human Conversation

The Cluetrain Manifesto:

Chapter 5, The Hyperlinked Organization by David Weinberger:

The Hyperlinked Organization – Radical Transparency, Crummy Meetings & Micromanagement:

Lock the Library:


The Library is Transparent:

Make the Library Flat: Alan Gray at TTW on Trust & Front Line Staff

Going to the Field:

Darien Front Desk Blog:

The Technology Storm:


AADL Web Site:

Waltham Public Library Book Club:

Waterloo Public Library Book Club:

Case Western Reserve KSL Reference Blog:

Kansas State Librarian:

Lamson Library at Plymouth State University:

Chief’s Blog:

Australian Library Blogs:

A Road Map to Transparency:

The Naked CEO:

Roselle PL Ning:

Blog Policies:

Retail Blogs:

My Starbucks Idea:

14 Days to Have Your Say:

The Library Tells Stories

Rock the Shelves:

National Library of Australia:


Columbus Teens:

The Library is Participatory

Jenkins – Participatory Culture (PDF)


Anne’s Bookspace:

Ohio University Podcasts:

Western Springs History:

Picture Australia:

Read Write Collaboration Generation:

NCSU Study Rooms:

Michigan Tags:

The Library is User-Driven

WOW! Christchurch Library from iblee:

The User is Not Broken:

Five Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again

Finding Time in Penn State Libraries:

Oprah on YouTube:

OK Go:

SJCPL’s “Ray of Light:”

Pew: Teen Creators & Content:

Family Portrait Day:

Photo releases? :

The Library Harnesses User-Generated Content


The Library Uses Trends as Opportunities

Trend Map:

McMaster Jobs:

McMaster GIS Librarian;

Kathryn’s New Job:

Nicole’s New Job:

SJSU Dean for Digital Futures:

Shifting Signs:


Emerging Technologies:

Employees Have No idea:


The Library has Presence

Buckland on Technology:

Gwinnett County PL Flickr Profile:

Embedding a Librarian in Your Web Site at TTW

Topeka Shawnee PL Catalog: (Original post by David Lee King)


Book Vending Machine:


Texting in Scriblio:

Scriblio Texts in the library:

Book Cart: /

Librarian Trading Cards:

The Library Makes Connections

Connections are Everything:

The Library Engages


The Library Inspires

Buildings should Inspire:,,2274826,00.html

The Library Learns, Plays & Innovates (Dreams!)

Jenkins: Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture

NYTimes on Play

Hey Jude:



Top 100 Lamest Excuses:

Baker’s Dozen:

DOK Delft Innovation:

DOK Cell Phone Message:

DOK 2:

No Rules:



The Library Encourages the Heart

Bring your Heart with you…:

Libraries and the Heart:

Chicago Public Library as Place:

The face of the library:

The Social Catalog

Oakville PL OPAC:

Jenny Levine on Oakville:

The Library Engages Me:

Micro Interactions and Direct Engagement:

WNDU Twitters Trial:

The Library Uses the Best Tools

Powerhouse Museum:


Radical Trust:

Podcast Policies:

Culture of Perfect:

Culture of perfect:

Using Evidence with Web 2.0 (Cotter, et al) Web 2.0 Beyond the Hype, Australia

Libraries Using Evidence: