The Hyperlinked Library at Queensland State Library 4

The Hyperlinked Library at Queensland State Library

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Thanks all! What a great way to finish the speaking tour!

4 thoughts on “The Hyperlinked Library at Queensland State Library

  • Ann

    Hi Michael

    I really enjoyed the afternoon at SLQ and am impressed with the speed of your upload.

    We’re in the process of examining LMS features as part of the amalgamation of Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe, and after this afternoon’s session you can be sure we’ll be asking the vendors if we can put IM code on our catalogue pages.

    Thanks for an inspirational presentation.

  • jo

    Hi there Michael, so enjoyed your presentation yesterday!! It was great to hear you in person after following your blog!! I have a few questions that we didn’t get time to answer yesterday.

    As a MLIS student still(last year), what would you say to your students who will be entering into the workplace full of zeal and enthusiasm re library 2.0/23 things/believing in a digital presence etc who may get jobs inside libraries where many of the staff do not want to know about many of the new changes facing the way libraries do business.

    With both the american and australian lib journals now talking lib 2.0/Web 2.0, that, in Kathryn Greenhill’s words ‘social does not mean trivial’, the creation of conversations regarding books is still a vital readers advisory service, that finding information is just as important in a digital environment, trying to explain these concepts as relevant to our libraries does not sit well with all staff. Many thinking that this is all just hype and not true service provision.

    Really, I guess my questions boil down to this – how do you teach/encourage staff to learn and play if they are not willing.


  • Grace Keogh

    Just a note to say that your talk yesterday was very inspiring, informative and entertaining. You obviously have a passion for your work, and you are gifted in your ability to pass this on to your listeners. You gave us much to think about, and even more to act upon.

  • Kath

    Fantastic presentation yesterday Michael, wonderful to have someone “important” come along and confirm what I’ve been bleating on about for over a year. We are living and working in exciting times and I can see so much potential for many of the technologies now available to us, and any evolution of those in the future. There are so many things that will enhance and compliment the skills, services and philosophies we’ve held in the information industry since the first collection was created.

    Your passion, insight and willingness to try something new is infectious and I’m looking forward to expanding my own involvement in the online presence of libraries in the very near future.


    P.S. I’ve not long come back from an 11 week trip to the US and seeing that Panera logo in your presentation almost made me weep with longing! Panera Oswego, IL (with it’s bookcrossing zone) is a place I could very happily spend much more time!

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