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I am finally getting back into the swing after a few days of jetlag and some much needed downtime in Indiana for Easter Break. Right now I’m catching up on my students’ blogs and doing some grading but I can’t help think about three weeks on the other side of the world. Australia is the farthest I have ever traveled from home and the whole process of travel/making a journey fascinates me. I visited thriving cities, took in some sites and spent two sun-scorched days in the Red Center. Uluru amazed me.

I am honored to have made this trip to speak to Australian librarians.

I want to publicly thank all the good folks at CAVAL who invited me to speak in Australia and so carefully organized the whole tour (planes, hotels, taxis, etc), including Janette, Richard and Sonia, the folks who hosted me at each location: Sydney/Macquarie University, Melbourne/Thomastown Library/State Library of Victoria, Adelaide/State Library of South Australia, Perth/State Library of Western Australia and Brisbane/State Library of Queensland — AND all of the wonderful people I got to meet at each stop. We chatted at tea time and after each talk about their libraries, their situations and their successes (and failures). I learned so much from these folks.


I’d also like to give a shout out to Andrew Spencer, Andrew Finegan, Anne Beaumont, Warren Chetham, and Kathryn Greenhill for their role in making the trip so wonderful. And also the librarians who wined and dined with us!


The slides for The Hyperlinked Library: Australia are here.


My HUGE amount of Flickr sets are here.

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  • Anthony Molaro

    Think of how happy you were in Australia while you are grading our work:) Welcome home.

  • Warren

    Michael, thanks for making the trip to Australia, and thank you for your generosity of time and generosity of spirit. Look forward to seeing you in the part of the world again!

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